2020-2021 School Year Wednesday Folders

Advertise your business to families of elementary schools right in your own backyard!  Wednesday folders go home with our elementary school students on Wednesdays throughout the school year.  Most campuses have over 600 students, so that's less than $1 per student to advertise to their family each week for the whole school year! Choose any of our 27 elementary schools, or choose them all if you like! 


Additional options:

- NEW this year! Double your ad size by purchasing two spots. Now you can take over one of the inside flaps or a quarter of the back of the folder for more visibility!


- Discounts on bundles of 6 single ads or 3 double ads or more. See "more information" for sizing details.


- Please call Rachel Acosta at 512-570-0030 for details or if you have any questions.


*How to place your order (this is for 5 schools/ads or less) 


1. Select the school in which you wish to advertise. Only one school can be selected at a time from the dropdown.

2. Select the size you'd like your ad to be (Single/Double). If double is chosen, we will contact you in the early spring to let you know if you'll be on the inside or back cover of the folder. This will determine the size of the graphic required. 

3. If you'd like to request the location of ad placement, please use the box to provide details.

4. Leave quantity at "1". 

5. Select "Add to cart". 

6. If you wish to add more schools, repeat process 1-4 for each school in which you wish to advertise. 

7. Check out. You can place your order via PayPal or credit card through the PayPal system. We're sorry, but the manual payment option (checks and cash) are not available at this time due to COVID-19 as our staff works remotely. 


*If you wish to select 6 single ad spots or 3 double ad spots or more, please contact Rachel Acosta at 512-813-9805 or rachel.acosta@leanderisd.org for discount and invoicing options.


**All payments and graphics must be received by Leander ISD by Friday, April 17, 2020.


***Company must provide electronic graphics. Minimum of 300 dpi in size of ad chosen. Graphics must be in .eps, .jpg, or .pdf. Graphics can be uploaded to www.leanderisd.org/graphicsupload


Please see "More Information" below for more details. 


  • More Information

    - Full-color, high quality, UV protected folders. 


    - Single spot measures 2.5" high x 4" wide.


    - A double ad spot on the inside flap would measure 2.5" high x 8.1" wide. A double ad spot on the back of the folder would measure 5.2" high x 4" wide. All graphics must be 300 dpi or greater (i.e. If the file is for a 2.5"x4" spot, the dpi must be 300 when the image is measured at 2.5"x4"). Please contact Rachel Acosta at 512-570-0030 for questions about double ads. 


    - Although all spots on the folders are prime locations, as parents often see the backs of the folders when they pull the folder out of backpacks or when they're on the table, most of our sponsors request the inside of the folder. We do our best to work on a first come, first serve basis, but we cannnot make guarantees on the location of the ad placement on the folder.

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