Timeout Sponsor

Timeout Sponsor

$750 per game. 


Orders and graphics due by August 15, 2022. 


Sponsor's ad graphic will display at the start of timeouts. The timeout sponsor will be recognized by the announcer during the game. 


Boosters are only able to sell their home team games. Purchase an ad today to support your local football programs!


Graphics Specifications

  • Only high-resolution, eps, PDF, or png format files will be accepted.
  • Windowed area pixel size: 1,000 dpi on the long end (What does this mean? We have a variety of screen sizes. If you have a rectangular image, as long as the longest side must be a minimum of 1,000 dpi and the shortest side will automatically update to be the appropriate sizing that we need. If you have a square image it would be 1,000x1,000.)


Please submit your advertisement graphic through the following link:  www.leanderisd.org/graphicsupload